Four Star Transportation Company is a Midwest-centered, asset-based full-service logistics and delivery company, with large warehousing and inventory management capability. We can get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there, with the utmost efficiency, convenience and safety.

Primarily a flatbed carrier, we also rely on carrier partners to meet all of our customers’ freight needs. We lease trailers and store freight to serve our customers, drivers and independent owner/operators.

Flatbed Truckload Services

Four Star Transportation holds patents on specialty trailer design and continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet your unique needs.


  • Over 150 Dedicated Tractors
  • Over 300 Dedicated Aluminum Trailers
  • Aluminum Flatbed Trailers, including Spread-Axle and Multi-Axle (for Michigan and Permitted loads), Drop-Axles and Conestogas; 53-foot and 48-foot lengths
  • 48′ x 53′ Flat & Stepdeck Rolltite Trailers
  • Multi-Axle
  • Able to haul up to the Michigan limit of 110,000 pounds


  • 8’ Full Drop Tarps
  • Chains, Binders and Straps
  • V Boards
  • Chain Protectors
  • Dunnage
  • Coil Ready

Four Star Transportation Terminals

  • Home Office, Melvindale, Michigan
  • Warehouse Storage and Distribution Center, Detroit, Michigan
  • Terminals in Melvindale, Holt, National City, and Otsego, Michigan; East Chicago, and Shoals, Indiana; Aliquippa, Pennsylvania; Gypsum, Ohio.

Warehousing Storage & Distribution

Four Star Transportation’s Warehousing and Distribution expertise allows us to manage your logistics from the initial planning stages through the implementation process, using proven warehousing and distribution solutions. We store a diverse range of products, including building materials, landscaping supplies and automotive parts for some of the nation’s largest manufacturers and retailers. Our on-site management of the entire implementation process makes us a vital link in the supply chain. The Four Star Warehousing Storage and Distribution approach to implementing solutions ensures project success and excellence.

Implementation support is provided in the following areas:

  • Warehouse Strategic Planning – we select the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance
  • Inventory Management – We analyze inventory levels throughout the supply chain
  • Transportation System Planning – We select the best transportation configuration and suppliers to minimize costs

Loading Services

Four Star Transportation offers dedicated loading services. Four Star Loading Services handles over 100 loads a day at four different locations.

Loading Services Provides:

  • Labor for Tarping and Securing Loads On Site
  • Drop Trailer Program
  • Complete Shuttle Services
  • Shuttle Truck Equipment Leasing and Maintenance
  • Load Schedule and Accuracy Reporting

Brokerage Services

Although many shippers have contracts with trucking companies to transport their goods, a significant amount of truck transport in North America is handled by freight brokers. A freight broker is an intermediary between a shipper who has goods to transport and a carrier who has capacity to move that freight.

Four Star Services specializes in flatbed, dry van and reefer freight in all 48 states and Canada. If we commit to your shipment, we will do whatever it takes to make sure it gets moved on time. We regularly take on large projects that asset companies could not provide enough capacity for. If you tender your freight to Four Star, you can rest easy knowing that your shipment is taken care of.

Talk to Adam Radke: 313-386-0100; ext. 277

Leoni Nationalease

Take the headache out of being a driver or fleet manager — by leasing through Leoni NationaLease. We’ll provide the vehicle maintenance. We’ll handle the permit and licensing hassles. We’ll provide emergency roadside service, safety programs, substitute vehicles and more. We’ll even offer a truck financing package that gives you the option of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the contract period. Meanwhile, you can focus on your core competencies and your customers’ needs.
Leoni NationaLease helps you operate the best fleet in the business, period.

Contact Raza Mooraj for all information on Leoni NationaLease at: 313-386-0100 Ext: 237

Now Hiring

  • Home Weekends
  • Great Pay & Benefits
  • Paid Training
  • Much, Much More!

Now Hiring

  • Home Weekends
  • Great Pay & Benefits
  • Paid Training
  • Much, Much More!

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