About Us

Who We Are

Four Star Transportation is an asset-based freight, warehouse distribution, brokerage and leasing company celebrating over 100 years of family owned transportation-business experience. We work with the top companies in the country, including many Fortune 500 firms. Four Star Transportation utilizes satellite-tracked tractors and trailers, and logistical solutions that are economical, safe and timely.

Four Star is focused on the needs of our customer partners. Our entire operation is built to serve them. Our drivers play a vital role in this. They interact with our customers every day, serving as our key ambassadors, and we are committed to supporting our drivers through technology, pay and benefits.

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Mission Statement

Our goal at Four Star Transportation is to provide transportation solutions in a safe and timely manner. We will provide our customers with trained and experienced staff and drivers who will meet all company qualifications and government regulations. With ongoing department and company evaluations, we will strive to improve our operations through our team’s commitment to excellence.

Four Star Transportation understands the importance of customer satisfaction and we are committed to their needs. Our customers reward our efforts with their continued business and referrals to others.



Four Star management meets daily to discuss safety; as a company we believe safety is about doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, because the commitment to safety starts with each individual. We deliver our customers’ products on time, safely and claim free. It is the core of what we do.

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Our Core Values

Values and Commitment Statement

Our goal at Four Star Transportation is to transport our customer's products in a safe and timely manner.

To Our Customers

  • We will add value through solutions, innovation, and pricing.
  • We will deliver customer's products on time, safe, and claim free.
  • We will work through any service failure with honesty, integrity, and swift corrective action.
  • Our customers are the reason we are here; Let us never forget that reliable, professional service is all we have to offer.

To Our Drivers

  • Our drivers are knowledgeable professionals that will always expect the unexpected.
  • Our drivers understand and live by the rules and regulations set forth by the DOT and FSTY Guidelines.
  • Our drivers will be measured and rewarded for safe driving and dependable service.

To Our Management Team

  • All Four Star Team Members will be properly trained to handle their job successfully.
  • Four Star Management will promote professionalism and create open lines of communication with all Four Star Employees to foster continuous improvement.
  • Four Star Management will meet daily to discuss safety; we believe "safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking, because safety starts with me."
  • All Procedures will be monitored and completed in "real-time" to ensure accuracy.