(313) 386-0100
(800) 521-9001
Head Office
2947 Greenfield
Melvindale, MI 48122, USA
Dearborn Warehouse
6455 Kingsley Street
Dearborn, Michigan 48126, USA

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    Mike LeoniPresident313-386-0100233[email protected]
    Tom HayesChief Financial Officer313-386-0100234[email protected]
    Dominic LeoniOperations Manager313-386-0100225[email protected]
    Paul MelinVice President of Operations313-386-0100235[email protected]
    John LeoniBusiness Development313-386-0100276 [email protected]
    John BarbeeField Operations / Warehousing313-386-0100240[email protected]
    Jay PattersonRecruiter313-386-0100275[email protected]
    Anthony FenechSafety / Training / Compliance313-386-0100252[email protected]
    Fred SterlingEast Chicago, IN Terminal Manager219-378-84073[email protected]
    Phil BachurekEast Chicago, IN Dispatcher219-378-84071[email protected]
    Andrea CouchNational City, MI Terminal Manager989-756-27113[email protected]
    Rachel GassmanNational City, MI Dispatcher989-756-27111[email protected]
    Travis WitteMelvindale, MI Dispatch313-386-0100239[email protected]
    Rob BlasdelMelvindale, MI Dispatch313-386-0100223[email protected]
    Robert StubblebineMelvindale, MI Dispatch313-386-0100224[email protected]
    Virginia NeubeckerFleet Coordinator313-386-0100246[email protected]
    Jacob DunklebergerDirector, Fleet Management and Operations313-386-0100237[email protected]
    Adam RadkeBrokerage Manager313-386-0100277[email protected]
    Jonathon GarciaBrokerage313-386-0100280[email protected]
    Kathryn BohnHuman Resources313-386-0100278[email protected]
    Elbert StaceyMaintenance & Service Manager313-386-0100242[email protected]

    Mike Leoni
    313-386-0100 Ext: 233
    [email protected]

    Tom Hayes
    Chief Financial Officer
    313-386-0100 Ext: 234
    [email protected]

    Dominic Leoni
    Operations Manager
    313-386-0100 Ext: 225
    [email protected]

    Paul Melin
    Vice President of Operations
    313-386-0100 Ext: 235
    [email protected]

    John Leoni
    Business Development
    313-386-0100 Ext: 276
    [email protected]

    John Barbee
    Field Operations / Warehousing
    313-386-0100 Ext: 240
    [email protected]

    Jay Patterson
    313-386-0100 Ext: 275
    [email protected]

    Anthony Fenech
    Safety / Training / Compliance
    313-386-0100 Ext: 252
    [email protected]

    Matthew Kowalczyk
    Safety Coordinator
    313-386-0100 Ext: 230
    mkowalc[email protected]

    Fred Sterling
    East Chicago, IN
    Terminal Manager
    219-378-8407 Ext. 3
    [email protected]

    Phil Bachurek
    East Chicago, IN
    219-378-8407 Ext. 1
    [email protected]

    Andrea Couch
    National City, MI
    Terminal Manager
    989-756-2711 Ext. 3
    [email protected]

    Rachel Gassman
    National City, MI
    989-756-2711 Ext. 1
    [email protected]

    Travis Witte
    Melvinadle, MI Dispatch
    313-386-0100 Ext: 239
    [email protected]

    Rob Blasdel
    Melvinadle, MI Dispatch
    313-386-0100 Ext: 223
    [email protected]

    Robert Stubblebine
    Melvindale, MI Dispatch
    313-386-0100 Ext: 224
    [email protected]

    Virginia Neubecker
    Fleet Coordinator
    313-386-0100 Ext: 246
    [email protected]

    Jacob Dunkleberger
    Director, Fleet Management and Operations
    313-386-0100 Ext: 237
    [email protected]

    Adam Radke
    Brokerage Manager
    313-386-0100 Ext: 277
    [email protected]

    Jonathon Garcia
    313-386-0100 Ext: 280
    [email protected]

    Joel Martin
    313-386-0100 Ext: 231
    [email protected]

    Miranda Dugan
    Assistant Controller
    313-386-0100 Ext: 226
    [email protected]

    Nichole Michelis
    AP/AR/Payroll Supervisor
    313-386-0100 Ext: 227
    [email protected]

    Elbert Stacey
    Maintenance & Service Manager
    313-386-0100 Ext: 242
    [email protected]

    Terminal Locations

    Melvindale, MI

    2947 Greenfield
    Melvindale, MI 48122, USA

    Phone: (313) 386-0100 or (800) 521-9001
    Fax: (313) 386-3810
    Email: [email protected]

    East Chicago, IN

    3502 Canal Street
    East Chicago, IN 46312

    Phone: (219) 378-8407
    Fax: (219) 378-8409

    West Branch, MI

    2430 W Flowage Lake Rd
    West Branch, MI 48661

    Phone: (989) 756-2711
    Fax: (989) 756-5851

    Dearborn, MI

    6455 Kingsley Street
    Dearborn, Michigan 48126, USA

    Phone: (313) 397-7706 or (313) 282-0643