Four Star is Proud to Support Truckers Against Trafficking

Four Star Transportation joined forces with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) because human trafficking is unconscionable and needs to stop not only locally, but nationally and internationally. The people that are being trafficked are not able to live their life how they want, when they are being forced to “sell themselves” to make money for other parties. We signed up to make our drivers aware because a potential lead on trafficking could save lives.

Four Star Transportation became involved to stop human trafficking. Our drivers are on the road and see more than the general traveling public does and we could assist in stopping human trafficking.

During orientation, our drivers watch the video that was provided by TAT, they are involved in a discussion and given the window cling and wallet card. They are instructed to call the number on the card if/when they see suspicious activity because they could very well save a life.

Proud To Be Truckers Against Trafficking Trained

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